Greetings to all our members. The club will open on Sundays starting October 15th. Friday’s will continue as it has during the summer. This past summer has not been kind to our club; attendance was poor compared to last year. The Board has tried to offer various entertainments, unfortunately our members have not responded. The Board is at a loss for just what you, the membership wants. As stated in past bulletins this club can hold 500 people and in the past four years we have come close to capacity only three times, when ”Mollie B” was here.

Our membership has dropped, but we still are at 500 plus. My questions to you: “WHERE ARE YOU? WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SEE AT THE CLUB?” Without your support it is not possible to continue to operate. If you would attend at least two events each month, you can help keep this club viable. The future is in your hands. It’s up to you.

We welcomed a new cook in June. Rod has put out some great meals. He has some good ideas for the coming season and hopefully more members will give it a try.

We have adjusted entrance fees in the hopes of getting you members off your butts and into the club. On Fridays and Sundays, the first 50 Members through the door will pay $10.00. After the first 50, the entrance fee will be $12.00. The guest entrance fee will be $12.00.   If a member brings in a guest(s) the member will only pay a $5 entrance fee and the guest(s) will pay the usual amount ………..NOTE: These new special entrance fees DO NOT APPLY for the Northern Bands, shows, etc.

As announced in the last newsletter, the first and third Sundays will feature a 70/30 split in music style, 70% polkas/waltzes etc. and 30% American style. The second Sunday will be a variety of styles could be polka, could be country western, big band, you name it. The last Sunday of the month will modern Polish music, i.e. Cha Chas, rumbas, disco, fox trots etc.

Starting in September, membership cards will be checked as you enter, please make sure you bring them with you.

  • After 11 years of dues staying at the same level, the Board has instituted the following changes:
  • Individual membership $25 per year
  • Couple’s membership $40 per year

NOTE: If you pay your dues before December 1, the old due’s rates apply, i.e. Individual $20 and Couple’s $35. After December 1, the new due’s rates apply.

We thank the Bingo Volunteers for their continuous efforts. Bingo attendance, although slower than winter months, has held its own during the summer.

The up north bands that have been booked to date include: John Stevens and DOUBLESHOT, MOLLIE “B” and Squeezebox, Eddie Forman and EFO and BOX ON. Additional northern bands are possible depending upon negotiations.

This year PAPA will sponsor two shows: The Annual Christmas Show and Cahill Dunne. Many of you have asked for Cahill and the show has been booked for March.

All the information relative to bands, dates, times etc. is in this newsletter. Please read and be informed. Looking forward to a new season, renewed interest and participation in your club and a successful future. Any concerns may be addressed to me, VP Dennis or any board member.

Ernie Stetz (Stec) President