Our Season is in full swing and it's time for northern members who have returned to come to the club. Once again we sincerely thank the Leszczynski family for their generous donation to the club which helped pay for many of the repairs of kitchen breakdowns of equipment. We had a rough end of summer concerning many items in the kitchen. Now it's time for the rest of the membership to get involved. How? By attending Thursday, Friday or Sunday events. We are so grateful for the members that visit the club multiple times during the month, thank you.

We feature many types of entertainment and for sure one of the days should satisfy your needs. We are almost 40 years old and with membership support we will continue for many years to come. Again, this falls on you the member, without your full support there will be no club.

We have stayed pretty even on membership staying around 600. We have lost many of the original members and we have welcomed many new ones. Now, it's time for old and new to do their job, SUPPORT THE CLUB. We appreciate your membership but would like to see a lot more bodies in the hall. We have five (5) TV's for the sports person and great bar service to watch a game.

And this goes for the many bands that appear here. We like having you but how about coming out and supporting the club that supports you. Try it and you'll have helped to insure we continue to operate. The website has many, many items of interest so please don't just look at the front page and leave the site. Read it and keep the address in your bookmarks for future reference. Again, on the website is information about the start of the Slovenian dances, Up North bands and more. Welcome back to all our northern members and welcome always to our Florida members. As our bulletin and website update is every three (3) months, let me take the time on behalf of the officers and board members to hope that all had a Merry Christmas and are having a prosperous New Year 2017. Wesolych Swiat Bozego Narodzenia I Szczesliwego Nowego Roku.


Ernie Stetz (Stec), President