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Members receive a discount on hall rental. Hall is available to any member for a funeral luncheon at no charge. Members can also use club catering for any and all needs. Non-member rental is also available; for further information, call the President. A complete catering menu is available.

It is time to renew your Newsletter Booster Listing.  It is only $5.00 per name per year.  Contact Regina Lucek at the club and renew -- or -- become a new booster!

German American Social Club of New Port Richey meets every 1st Wednesday of the month at 6pm. Dinner dances are held every 3rd Wednesday of the month (September-May). For all information on the German American Social Club, please call Christine Tetro at 727-936-7603 or visit www.germanamericanclub-npr.org.

The Dennis Orloski Post and Auxillary #184 of the Polish Legion of American Veterans, USA, meets every 1st Thursday of the month at 1pm. For further information on Post #184 activities, please call the Commander Ralph Wozniak at 813-671-7048 or the Past Commander Ed Harrison at 727-376-6068.

Volunteers are always welcome either at Bingo, Fridays, Sundays, and special events. Why not help your club and give a couple of hours once or twice a month to your Pulaski Association? You'll feel good about helping out AND you will really be helping your club. Contact the President or 1st or 2nd Vice Presidents.

To those members who are ill, we hope you are all now well or at least getting better. 

Dues are payable at any time. Dues for the Pulaski Club are $25 per year for an individual and $40 per year for a couple. Dues are from January 1 to December 31  DUES MUST BE PAID BY JANUARY 31st or the member loses all benefits of membership including entrance & ticket price reductions at all events. Dues may be paid at the Club on a Friday after 4 pm or Sunday after 1 pm.  You may also send them via mail and your card will be returned to you. 


Time to renew your Booster? See Regina Lucek at the Club on Sundays. $5.00 Help to Support the Bulletin.

September / October / November

  • Inge Reimann
  • Katherine Landry
  • Frank Banas in Memory of Wife Ruth
  • Ed & Jean Kwiatkowski
  • Polka Pat Caldwell
  • Bill Hadersbeck
  • Regina Lucek
  • Bill Smiech
  • Dennis & Kathy Pettigrew
  • Ernie & Ursula Stetz
  • Virginia Stetz
  • Michael & Kim Stetz
  • Tanya Hagenow



Every Wednesday at 7pm Molly "B" Polka Show on RFD TV Channel 247 on Verizon

Every Friday at 7pm Jimmy Sturr Show on RFD TV Channel 247 on Verizon

Every Saturday at 10pm Molly "B" Polka Show on RFD TV Channel 247 on Verizon

Time and costs vary for special events. The bulletin and website usually have all the necessary information, but it is suggested to check the calendar or call the club during office hours: Mondays 8-10:30 am, Tuesdays Noon to 3 pm, Fridays 2-6 pm or Sundays Noon to 6 pm, or call the President at any time. You can also check the club bulletin boards for more information.

Reservations are accepted for groups of 8 OR MORE ONLY for all Pulaski Club events. Call Dave at 727-943-5095 or Ernie at 727-848-7826. Special arrangements are available for birthdays, anniversary parties, etc. If a member wishes to sit at a certain table with fewer than 8 people it is advised to be at the club when the doors open.

King Jan Sobieski was born August 17, 1629 in Olesko Poland (now Ukraine). He was King from 1674 until his death on the 17th of June 1696 at age 66 in Wilanow (near Warsaw). He was buried in the Wawel castle in Krakow. King Sobieski, King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania, was one of the most notable monarchs of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. His military skill was demonstrated in wars agaist the Ottoman Turks which contributed to his prowess as King of Poland. He was most famous for his victory over the Turks at the gates of Vienna in 1683. His victory saved all of Europe from the Islamic Turks and is still marked with reverence in Vienna.

Sunday Dinners

On Sundays the doors open at 12:30 pm with salad bar at 1:00 pm and dinners are served 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm. There are always two entrees served and we have full bar service available.

Cost is $10 for first 50 MEMBERS, thereafter $12 for members; $12 for non-members. We have special prices for the kids.

Dancing is from 2:30 pm - 5:30 pm with Polka and American music.

Families are always welcome. Bermuda style shorts are permitted, but NO short shorts or tank-tops.  Also, NO beverages of any kind (except infant's formula) are to be brought into the club - this includes water. The bar sells bottles of water.

Reservations are always appreciated, but not required, and tickets are available at the door. However, some events do require reservations and those that do will say so in the description of the event. For reservations of 8 or more, please call Ernie at 727-848-7826.

On Sundays, special gifts are awarded to all who are celebrating a birthday or anniversary. See our Sgt/Arms Julia to sign up when you enter.